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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

6 tips from ITaP to help you detect phishing emails
Phishing emails are low-risk, high-reward for cybercriminals. Don’t let them trick you into giving up your personal and sensitive information.  

5 best practices to keep your mobile device (and all its contents) safe
The world is quite literally at your fingertips with a smartphone – so is lots of your personal information. Keeping your smartphone secure can keep disaster at bay. 

4 tips for keeping your personal information safe on social media
Social media makes it easy to share news about your life with your friends and loved ones, but you may also be sharing that information with the rest of the internet — including cybercriminals — if you’re not careful.

Don’t be a 90-pound cyberweakling, pump up your online muscle with strong passwords and two-factor authentication
Strong passwords and two-factor authentication can help thwart cybercriminals from getting your information and getting into the University systems. 

Losing a laptop, tablet or smartphone could put your data and Purdue’s at risk
A stolen laptop could mean stolen data. When handling sensitive data, one way to prepare for the worst is by following Purdue’s data handling policies and procedures.

Phone scams, known as ‘vishing,’ can be just as disastrous as scam phishing emails
Phone and instant messaging ‘vishing’ and ‘smishing’ are lesser known scams than email phishing, but the goal is the same: Scammers want your money. 

Purdue Libraries, ITaP collaborate on guide to data storage options at Purdue
Faculty and staff from the Purdue University Libraries and ITaP have compiled a user guide highlighting data storage options available to the Purdue community. The guide compares the available choices on a number of different metrics, including cost, accessibility, amount of storage available and how data is backed up.

Active-learning classrooms to increase 60 percent in 2017, success depends on matching instructors to spaces
The addition of 29 active-learning classrooms reaffirms Purdue’s commitment to student-centered teaching. The next step is to align instruction to the features in classrooms.

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