Print Quotas

All faculty, staff and students with a Purdue career account have access to use the Purdue IT printers. Each is provided with an allotment of prints using the print quota system. The print quota system was implemented to reduce the costs related to careless and wasteful printing. 

Print quotas are assigned for the academic year (Fall and Spring Semester) and, separately, for the Summer Semester. The assigned print quotas are non-refundable. Credit for damaged output is available upon request; see Can I receive a refund if there is a problem with my printout?

Academic Year Quotas
Academic Year Quotas
Faculty $80
Staff $80
Undergraduate Students $40
Graduate Students $80
Student Organizations $20
Page Costs
Page Costs
Black & White 8.5 X 11 $0.04
Color 8.5 X 11 $0.12
Color 11 X 17 $0.12

Questions about Quotas

If I am taking more credit hours, shouldn't I have a larger quota? 
Quotas are based upon the average printing needs of a typical student or faculty member. Departments may choose to pay an incremental fee to have students quotas increased based on the classes they are taking. However, Purdue IT cannot determine what acceptable print quotas would be based on course schedules.

Can TAs who teach lab classes have a larger quota? 
We are not planning to subsidize work that TAs are doing. Our recommendation would be that a department provides a work printer for their TAs to use, or that they subsidize their quotas.

How can I tell what my quota is? How many pages have I used this semester? 
Quotas will be tracked and indicated on the release station. To view your quota balance and printing history login in to PaperCut.

What happens when I exceed my allotted print quota?
Staff cannot print when their quota has been exceeded. Funds can be added to a staff account by charging their department by completing the form Purdue Departmental Request for Additional Print Quota.
After completing all the fields in Section 1, the document should be emailed to for final processing. Once Business Office approval/authorization is received, the print quota will be adjusted in PaperCut.

Students can transfer funds to their print quota from their BoilerExpress account by using the Add Credit link on the PaperCut Account Summary page.

Will I be warned when I am about to run out of pages? 
Quota information will be provided on the release station, so individuals know how much a job cost and what their quota balance is currently. Your print history and remaining quota are also displayed in PaperCut.

How many free prints do I get? How much do prints cost? 
Print quotas are determined by your status as a student or employee. These amounts have been calculated using the costs for paper, toner, printers, and maintenance specific to each type of printer. These costs are subject to change.

Do I get a quota for the summer semester?
Yes, quotas are reset on the Wednesday after finals week of the Spring semester. Undergraduate students receive $20 for the summer, and everyone else receives $40. 

When are quotas reset for the academic year?
Quotas are reset on the Wednesday after finals week of the last Summer semester.

Can I cancel a print job once it has been sent to the printer? 
Once a job is sent to the printer it cannot be canceled. The user must pay for the print. If a large print job was released by mistake, users must see the Lab Assistant on duty. If no assistant is available, call the phone number listed on the printer. A request for a refund can then be made.

Can the general public or guests use Purdue IT Printers? 
Only users with a Purdue career account may access ITaP instructional computers and printers. Purdue Libraries have options available for guests and visitors. Special event (guest) accounts are given a small stipend for printing.
Can I receive a refund if there is a problem with my printout?
Credit for damaged or unprinted output is available upon request at the ITAP Help Desks in HIKS and WALC.  Staffed help desk hours along with current Purdue IT Learning Spaces computer lab hours can be found here: Purdue IT Labs Hours of Operation

Refunds may be available for pages that are unacceptable due to printer or system error, system failure, or poor print quality, for example:

  • Unacceptable output due to low toner
  • Smudges on your printouts
  • Wrinkles in your pages
  • Incomplete print jobs due to system-generated errors or jobs canceled at the printer

ITaP cannot offer refunds for mistakes or output you did not expect, for example:

  • Color mismatching
  • Improper formatting
  • Print jobs taken by other people before you retrieve them from the printer
  • Jobs printed accidentally or with too many pages
  • Multiple copies printed by mistake

Note:   If a refund is issued, the consultant must retain the unacceptable pages whenever possible.

Why isn't it cheaper to print duplex? 
The cost of the paper is very small relative to the cost of a print job. Much of the cost is tied up in the cost of the printing hardware purchase and support and the toner used for printing. Very little of the cost of a print job relates to the paper. In the past, duplex used to be the default in the labs and it actually created more waste.