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How to record course content using Zoom and WebEx

 This fall, instructors at Purdue will have two different web-conferencing tools, WebEx and Zoom, for teaching classes virtually.  

Below is information specific to Purdue’s West Lafayette and Northwest campuses designed to help instructors pick the tool that works best for them, as well as instructions for how to record and store video content so that it is usable in the Brightspace learning management system.  

***For information about the Purdue Fort Wayne campus, please skip to the section below.***

To understand the differences between WebEx, Zoom and Microsoft Team (another available web-conferencing tool, that can be used for small classes or group work) start with this Virtual Classroom Tool Comparison document 

Below is additional information about how to record and share your online meetings:  


  • Important note: Purdue has entered into an agreement with Zoom that allows University-affiliated accounts to purchase licenses at a discounted rate through their department. Users may also continue to use a free Zoom account. 
  • How to get an account: Zoom is administered by Purdue Northwest for the entire University system. Instructions on how to obtain account, or how to link an existing personal account to Purdue’s master account, can be found here 
  • How to access Zoom: Go to www.zoom.us and log in using your University email and the password you created when setting up the account.  
  • Zoom is integrated into Brightspace, meaning that the tool is available for hosting virtual classrooms inside of the learning management system. To access Zoom in Brightspace go to: Existing activities > external learning tools and select Zoom. 
  • How to record Zoom sessions: When scheduling a meeting, Zoom offers the option for users to automatically record the meeting. Or when hosting a meeting, users can click on the round record icon, found on the bottom of the screen. Paid accounts will have the option to store recordings via Zoom’s cloud storage, but it is recommended you save meetings locally to your computer. This will give you more flexibility with uploading through Kaltura, as well as more storage space. 
  • How to upload video recordings into Brightspace (via Kaltura):  In a module, go to Existing Activities>Add Kaltura Media.  Click the plus symbol and upload the Zoom mp4. Click the embed button after it uploads. It will be posted in the module.   


  • Important note: WebEx is Purdue’s centrally supported web-conferencing tool and is available at no cost to faculty, staff and students.  Meetings can host up to 1,000 participants and can include a call-in line for participants without Internet access.  
  • To access WebEx: purdue.webex.com. Users must log in using their BoilerKey credentials.   
  • WebEx is not integrated into Brightspace but can still be used as virtual classroom tool. 
  • To record using WebEx: Click on the round button located on the bottom of the screen. Allow “record in cloud”; this will save a recording of the meeting in Kaltura Mediaspace (mediaspace.itap.purdue.edu 
  • To share WebEx recordings to Brightspace: WebEx recordings are automatically put in Kaltura. To share to Brightspace: open the appropriate Brightspace module, go to Existing Activities>Add Kaltura Media.  Next to the video you want to add to your course, click the Embed button.

Teaching Technologies Updates, Reminders, and Summaries:

In the Classroom Only Needs:

  1. If you want to livestream your class session, you will most likely want to use WebEx (click on the link and scroll down to “WebEx” for info).

  2. If you want to record a class session and post it in Brightspace, you will most likely want to use Kaltura Classroom. Linking in Brightspace instructions can be found in Part 1 of this CELT help guide.
    1. To use either of the above, at minimum, your classroom will need a microphone (a camera may be nice but is not required). Please view information at this “technology available in each classroom here” link to find what is available in your classrooms.  If you want to use a document cam with WebEx, there are a limited number of classrooms that can meet this need.  Please contact Michael Phillips philma03@pfw.edu in ITS, who has a limited supply of doc cams that can meet this need.

  3. CELT is developing a list of tools that can be used, particularly in our largest classrooms, to engage students through synchronous polling. Please looks for Monday’s CELT Clipboard for that detailed information.

Outside and/or Inside the Classroom Needs:

  1. Kaltura Capture (*start with part 7 of the linked) is different from Kaltura Classroom in that this is a program that is downloaded to your own computer (rather than the one in the classroom). This could technically be used as you stand at the lectern in your classroom (i.e. if your room does not have a mic), but is intended for recording outside the classroom (i.e. from a home office).  All Kaltura recordings are easily linkable in Brightspace.  These same instructions will help.

  2. WebEx remains the University recommended virtual classroom tool. Recordings are automatically put in Kaltura, which make them easy to access and link in Brightspace. 

  3. GoReact is a now integrated in Brightspace. It is an interactive tool for teaching performance-based skills by using videos. Be advised the multi-camera feature enables up to only 9 participants to meet online and record presentations synchronously.  However, peer review tools can then be turned on for asynchronous use of the recording for any number of participants after the session.  Training sessions (below) have been scheduled.  Registration is not necessary.  Click this link before the session to join.
    1. Thursday, August 20 from 4 to 5 pm
    2. Friday, August 21 from 9 to 10 am

  4. Zoom is now successfully integrated in Brightspace and its full-feature use is now available for faculty who have followed the PFW appropriate procedures to secure a license.  Zoom is not integrated with Kaltura (like WebEx), so extra steps are required to make Zoom recordings available to students (download the recording to your computer, compress if necessary, upload into Kaltura, then link in Brightspace), again making WebEx our recommendation.  Additional faculty can secure Zoom licenses by e-mailing Tracey Peterson, petersta@pfw.edu in PFW’s ITS and providing your name, PFW e-mail, departmental account number, and departmental (chair) approval.  Please be advised that because of specifically identified security issues, Zoom users (faculty and staff) cannot communicate information restricted by FERPA guidelines nor HIPPA guidelines

  5. MS Teams offers several tools within its’ package, including the virtual classroom tool.  Be advised that any participant who joins a Teams session has the same role as the instructor. That means the instructor has very little control of the learning environment (i.e. it is possible a student could “expel” the instructor from a session). 

  6. Bongo, the virtual classroom tool within Brightspace is not recommended for various reasons.  No breakout sessions (for students to work in smaller groups) are available, video recordings of meetings are available for only a short time, only 250 sessions are allowed each week across the Purdue system (this is particularly problematic), etc.

Help is Available:

  1. Technical questions should be directed to the Help Desk at 260-481-6030 or helpdesk@pfw.edu
  2. Teaching questions/needs should be directed to CELT:
    1. You can find upcoming one on one openings on CELT’s Register for Events Page.
    2. If you find you are not available during any of the unfilled one on one times, you may also request a consultation through this CELT Consultation Request form.
    3. You can find a list of and registration links for our workshops, open labs, and open one on one consultation meeting slots on CELT’s Register for Events Page (scroll down). Keep your eyes open for reminders in the weekly Monday release of CELT’s Clipboard for upcoming workshops.



For questions contact: 

West Lafayette: tlt@purdue.edu
Fort Wayne: celt@pfw.edu
Northwest: oit@pnw.edu


Last updated: August 19, 2020