Kaltura issues persist on BoilerCast appliance recordings; ITaP is investigating the issue

BoilerCast appliances in approximately 45 classrooms across campus are experiencing issues with the upload and processing of Kaltura recordings. ITaP is working with the vendor, Kaltura, to resolve the issue.

Kaltura is implementing emergency optimizations that should not take the system down but may result in additional slowness for BoilerCast. The maintenance is expected to be completed by 11 p.m. EDT.

The issue was reported this morning after Kaltura maintenance was performed on Sunday. The issue is relevant to only BoilerCast appliances in specific classrooms; it does not affect recordings captured with the Kaltura software.

If an instructor or faculty member uses the BoilerCast appliance provided in the affected classrooms, the recording is captured. However, the processing and uploading of that recording is slow to make it to Kaltura cloud storage, where instructors and students have access. Some of those recordings that were reported as missing did eventually upload, but it is unclear if the others missing will automatically upload.

Once the issue is resolved, ITaP will work with instructors and faculty to address the recordings that did not upload. ITaP is in contact with Kaltura engineers who are working diligently to solve the problem.

To see the list of classrooms that are affected visit: https://purdue0-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/reedb_purdue_edu/EYYv4NddwadCsgLqQ1mt5zIBsywXAiWZnOREDvl2_jBGlQ?e=kWiECL 

Last updated: 5 p.m., August 31, 2020