Summer technology upgrades means instructors should visit their classroom before the first day of fall class

Instructors returning to the classroom for the fall semester will notice a few changes, including upgraded computers, new webcams, new digital wireless microphones, new classroom control systems and, in some cases, new projectors.  

ITaP’s centrally scheduled classrooms received a bevy of upgrades over the summer to replace outdated technology. All instructors should visit their classroom before the start of the semester to familiarize themselves with their classroom’s setup, as not all classrooms have the same technology configuration.  

Changes include:  

  • New touch-screen audio-visual control systems in 78 classrooms, which replaces the old push-button display in many classrooms (see image below).   Only HDMI laptop connections will be available in the 78 upgraded classrooms. 
The new touch-screen control interface allows users to select the source of their display and control volume.

The new touch-screen control interface allows users to select the source of their display and control volume.

  • New projectors in 41 classrooms.  
  • Over 400 new computers in ITaP computer labs and upgraded computers in all classrooms.  
  • New classroom network switches to replaced outdated, low-bandwidth technology – providing better lecture capture, live streaming, and web conferencing performance. 
  • Every classroom computer now has a webcam.
  • Optical drives (DVD/CD drives) have been removed from classroom computers. Stand-alone Blu-ray players are still available in classrooms.  

Additionally, in 10 classrooms with wireless microphone systems, ITaP has replaced the existing analog microphone system with a new digital version – meaning instructors can no longer use their current personal body pack transmitter. However, the new digital transmitter body pack will be provided in every room with a wireless mic system.  

Lavalier clip-on microphones will be provided in the classroom as part of the standard equipment in all classrooms with wireless microphone systems. The clip-on mics are recommended, but personal over-the-ear microphones are available upon request. Please test your mic in advance if possible and contact ITaP if you need assistance.

ITaP provides a list of the available technology in each classroom, and consultations are available if an instructor has questions about teaching in a particular classroom. To request a consultation, preferable before the start of the semester, contact 

Last updated: Aug. 15, 2021.