Zoom resources and information

Zoom provides remote conferencing services for video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. 

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***For information about Purdue's other collaboration tools, see: WebEx and Microsoft Teams (Purdue login required).***

How to create a Zoom account

Zoom is available to all Purdue faculty and staff at two account levels: Basic (free) and Education ($45/year). Click here to see a comparison between different license types.

Education (paid) Zoom accounts 

  • Purdue faculty and staff can purchase an educational-use license for $45 per year (70 percent off the regular rate). Users with an educational license can host meetings up to 24 hours in length and with up to 300 participants. This agreement is still in place for 2021. 

  • To purchase a Zoom educational license, complete the Request for Zoom license form. Users must sign up with an @purdue.edu email address. Costs must be billed to a University department. License purchases are administered by staff at Purdue Northwest.
  • Educational license terms are 12 months in duration and renew automatically on the anniversary date of the original license purchase (unless cancellation is requested by license owner).  License terms are not tied to academic calendars.

Basic (free) Zoom accounts 

  • In 2021, Purdue users with a Basic (free) license are subject to a 40-minute time limit when hosting a meeting with more than three participants. Meetings with only two or three participants can still be hosted for up to 24 hours.  Users with an educational license can host meetings for up to 24 hours.

  • Sign up for a basic account using your @purdue.edu email address at zoom.us.

Support and documentation

ITaP does not provide consultations for Zoom, but users seeking help can take advantage of multiple resources, including:

Additional frequently asked questions:

  • You must use the same Purdue email address to create your Zoom account that you use to log into Brightspace

  • When you create your zoom account you must use your Purdue alias to create an account. For many people their alias and email address are the same, but for some it is not. 

    • To verify what you alias and email are go to https://www.purdue.edu/directory/ and type in your name.

    • If your alias and email address are different, use youralias@purdue.edu as the email address to create the Zoom account.  This should be the same as the username you use to log into Brightspace.
  • This e-mail is safe and part of the consolidation process to the Zoom master education account. An e-mail has been or will be sent from Zoom to all existing Zoom users at Purdue who currently use their @purdue.edu, @pfw.edu, or @pnw.edu e-mail address as their Zoom account name. In order to provide licenses to our users, these existing accounts will first need to be consolidated into our master education account. This e-mail will give users the option to either: A.) merge their existing Zoom account with the Purdue master education account, or B.) change the e-mail used to a non Purdue e-mail address. If you would like to continue using Zoom for Purdue business, licensed or free, you will need to choose option A.
  • Zoom recordings do not get uploaded to Kaltura.

    • When scheduling a meeting, Zoom offers the option for users to automatically record the meeting. Or when hosting a meeting, users can click on the round record icon, found on the bottom of the screen. Paid accounts will have the option to store recordings via Zoom’s cloud storage, but it is recommended you save meetings locally to your computer. This will give you more flexibility with uploading through Kaltura, as well as more storage space. To add the recording to Brightspace, follow these steps. In a module, go to Existing Activities>Add Kaltura Media. Click the plus symbol and upload the Zoom mp4. Click the embed button after it uploads. It will be posted in the module. 
  • Yes, they can, but they need to have (1) a Zoom account (free level is fine) with their Purdue email account and (2) Your TA must have the TA role in Brightspace. 
  • Pre-assigned breakout rooms will not work within the Zoom/Brightspace integration because learners are not authenticated through the Zoom/Brightspace integration.
  • When using the Brightspace integration, you can click the name of the meeting under the Topic column and will find an option for the Outlook Calendar invite.

Under the time, click on the Outlook Calendar icon

You will need to be logged into Zoom.us in order to download the .ics file, otherwise they may receive the following error:

 If you are not logged into zoom, you will receive a "no meeting host" error

  • In Brightspace, users can add and an alternative host when scheduling a meeting; the option is at bottom at the page.

Select the alternative host at the bottom of the page.

  • In Zoom webpage, user can not add an alternative host when using a free/basic account. Options will look like this :

No alternative host option will be available

  • In Zoom webpage, user can add an alternative host when using a paid/licensed account, screen should look like this:

Add the email of the alternative host in the designated area.

Need help?

 Contact ITaP at (765)494-4000 or itap@purdue.edu.